Most Downloaded Bangla Fonts

Bangla language is a unique language and there is requirement of various types of fonts, typefaces to write articles, marriage cards, blog posts, tattoos and magazine banners. The list of downloaded bangla fonts gives you an idea on trending designs of fonts and typefaces in Bangla language.Explore top rated bangla fonts page to understand the trending list of fonts and typefaces in Bangla Language.

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The trend of Bangla fonts has changed since last few years due to change in internet use and typeface requirement. The list given below includes fonts that can be downloaded free of cost by clicking through . In the list Top downloaded bangla fonts , download free bangla font is also mentioned along with each font. You can copy-paste them directly into your design without any limitations!

Bengali (; Bangla [ˈbaŋla] ( listen) ), also known by its endonym Bangla (English: ), is an Indo-Aryan language spoken in South Asia. It is the official and most widely spoken language of Bangladesh and second most widely spoken of the 22 scheduled languages of India, behind Hindi.

The national song of India, Vande Mataram, was originally written in Bengali. Influential literary works in Bengali include Chandidas' Shreekrishna Kirtana. The national anthem of Bangladesh and the national anthem of India were composed in Bengali. In 1952, the Bengali Language Movement successfully pushed for the language's official status in the Dominion of Pakistan following Partition.