Top Rated Bangla Fonts

Bangla or Bengali font is a unique language and there is requirement of various types of fonts, typefaces to write articles, marriage cards, blog posts, tattoos and magazine banners. Since Bangla language contains 52 letters in total including vowels and consonants, different kinds of top rated fonts are available to meet your requirement. You can find top rates fonts in this page from which you can get the idea of top preferred bangla fonts. Also, Download free arab fonts and urdu typefaces from other websites.

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The first top rate bangla font called as unicode bangla font  is a standard to represent all kinds of characters inside your article by using English alphabets. This top rated font is very popular because it's free and compatible with almost every operating system such as windows xp/7/8/10 and even windows 11 and top smart phones like Android, iPhone and tablets. As it is a standard font type, you can download this top rated fonts from any web site without paying any money or registration fee.

Download top bangla script fonts  are another types of top rated fonts which are free to use in both personal and commercial purpose. These top rated font family has been designed by professional website designers and top creative graphic designers so that they represent the kind of characters in your article clearly by symbolizing each letter with unique shape different from other alphabets.